Thelis Editeur de Logiciels de Gestion et Réservation pour camping

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Thelis is the European leader in campsite management software and online booking for outdoor accommodation.

With its Thelis-branded products, Sequoiasoft offers a comprehensive range dedicated to outdoor accommodation. For over 30 years, Thelis has produced a range of European market-leading campsite management and online booking solutions.

Thelis is the company that brought you Unicamp, the go-to campsite management software, and Thelis Resa online booking solution, drawing on a wealth of know-how in the outdoor accommodation business. Thelis has developed eSeason to assist you ever more in your current and future activities.

eSeason is the new generation campsite management software built to boost your productivity, increase your sales and win your customers’ loyalty!

Do you use Unicamp campsite management software and want to get the latest features offered by eSeason? Upgrading from Unicamp to eSeason is both simple and secure!


Thelis in numbers

  • 39% of campsite pitches in France are managed using eSeason or Unicamp

  • 1 million bookings made using our tools

  • 900 campsites run using eSeason, the new generation of management software

  • 2300 campsites use our solutions every day